NEBO secures debt financing for commercial real estate transactions, portfolios, and company level investments, for virtually all product types. NEBO sources debt from Banks, Credit Unions, Debt Funds, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, Wall Street, Private Lenders and others.

Debt Transaction Parameters

Institutional Debt: $5 - $100 million plus
Acquisition, Construction, Bridge, Permanent/Refinance, Mezzanine and Preferred Equity

Private Debt: $2 million plus


Owners/Investors of stabilized properties seeking financing to acquire additional properties, refinance a loan that is maturing, to improve rate/terms, or cash out existing equity.

Repositioners of Properties when they are seeking rehab or construction financing for adaptive re-use or repositioning of a property.

Developers and Builders needing acquisition/development or construction financing.

Investors in Real Estate Notes who wish to leverage their investments in real estate secured paper.

Why NEBO for Debt Financing?

First, NEBO's principals have spent many years evaluating and building relationships with hundreds of banks, life insurance companies, private lenders, and other institutions nationwide. Through deal flow and follow up with our relationships we are abreast of their current lending programs which allows a quick and efficient match of your project to the proper potential lenders.

Second, process and attention. NEBO's senior staff will call and personally share your deal’s information with select lenders. 

Third, personal relationships, submission expertise and hands-on follow up ensures your application an immediate evaluation. 

Finally, whether your deal is more conventional or somewhat unique, your project will receive the most aggressive terms possible with respect to its characteristics and closing time frame.