New High Leverage Low-Cost National Bridge Fund

Nebo has identified a bridge lender that has just recently completed raising a new fund for low-cost, high-leverage bridge loans. This lender provides non-recourse and recourse bridge loans $3M-50M, with pricing ranging from 5-7%. For deals $8M+ they will provide up to 85% Loan-to-Cost with up to 95% of TILC + Capex (high leverage bridge debt has been available for some time – but not in this price range). For deals under $8M they'll be closer to 70% of acquisition and 90% TILC. All product types, nationwide. Special situations are ideal, BK vacant properties, foreign borrowers, DPO, credit concerns, etc. No ground-up. This group is hungry, new to market and has a lot of funds to deploy over the next couple of years. We would strongly encourage you to reach out to discuss your deal, even if you think it might be outside of the box.