A Fixed Rate Lender Dedicated to Maximizing Your Cash Flow

A national lender is aggressive in minimizing or eliminating reserves, impounds, and other structural hits to cash flow for lower leverage loans.

This lender has the added benefit of incredibly fast responses and very fast closings (they routinely close in 30 days). This is a national lender with a high touch process who likes all typical asset classes including flagged hotels in major markets. Loan sizes they would most like to see are $5,000,000 to $50,000,000 and up. They regularly win this type of business on structure and pricing, especially in the lower leverage range.

In addition to this lower leverage bucket of capital, they excel at stretch loans up to 85% leverage, as they fully control and keep the mezz position that makes them formidable and aggressive in this niche.

This is a great time in the credit space. Reach out to Nebo for representation on your deal today.