Need CO-GP and LP Equity for Portfolio Acquisition or Programmatic Developments?

NEBO Capital has identified an investment fund group that is actively seeking to place Co-Gp equity for all major property classes (multifamily, retail, office, industrial and hotel).

Through their Co-GP fund, they will invest up to 80% of the total GP equity under terms that closely mirror those of the LP-GP promote structure. Most importantly, they will also fund LP equity for the deals in which they make Co-GP investments.

The group is actively seeking programmatic investment opportunities, ideally with a sponsor who is acquiring or developing a portfolio of properties. Their recent investments have included the funding of a $200M project cost program for the ground-up develop of five assisted living properties, for which they delivered both the Co-GP and LP equity.

September is one of the most active months in the capital world for structuring investments. Please reach out to any of our NEBO Capital colleagues to rapidly assist with your urgent equity capital sourcing needs!