Competitive CMBS Lenders

Sometimes you have to beg!

If you are reluctant to entertain a quote on a 10-year fixed rate loan with a conduit, i.e. CMBS, for an acquisition or refinance you might be missing out.

We all know the ups and downs of the CMBS origination world, but at this exact time, i.e. NOW, they offer some of the best deals, and we have comfort that a selected CMBS lender will close the loan as applied for.

CMBS volume is off and due to a shake out in the industry there are fewer but better players; they are more careful on what they quote, and they are begging for business. At this time, we typically only look at  3 to 6 CMBS lenders for each deal we work on so that we get solid quotes from groups we know can execute.

Use our expertise to pick the right CMBS lender and close at the rate and terms you can brag to your grandkids about.

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