New Lender: National Fixed Rate Balance Sheet Lender With Its Own Floating Rate Bridge Program

NEBO Capital has established a relationship with a new nationwide lender. It has a floating rate and a fixed rate product for most commercial assets. This lender is managed by seasoned real estate executives with a long track record.

The floating rate program lends $20MM to $100MM on both stabilized and transitional assets. Floating rate leverage up to 70% for most property types (75% for MF) is available at pricing beginning at LIBOR + 4.00%. Terms up to 5 years, with mezzanine available in some cases.

The fixed rate program lends $20MM to $100MM on most categories of stabilized assets, for 7, 10, or 15 years. The pricing is around Treasuries + 2.25%. Leverage is up to 70% LTV on most property types (75% for MF). 

These fixed rate loans rate lock in application and multi year open prepay periods are available.

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