Very Flexible and Well-Priced Programs: National Hard Money

NEBO has a long-term relationship with this private finance group which was recently heavily capitalized. Their mission is to get out substantial dollars in the $2MM to $50MM size range with their various programs (see below). They price on a risk adjusted basis and can be in the mid to high single digits on lower leverage, lower risk deals (6.5% is about as low as they would go) to low double digits for subordinate financing and higher risk deals. They will most definitely look at transactions in secondary and tertiary markets.

Commercial Bridge Loans: Cash Flowing and Non-Cash-Flowing (Non-Recourse)

  • Almost Every Asset Class Including Mobile Home Communities, Hospitality, Healthcare

  • Almost Every Situation Including Cash-Out, Foreign National, DIP, etc.

Land Loans (100% Entitled)

Construction Loans and Construction Mezzanine (Recourse & Non-Recourse)

  • Residential For-Sale and Most Commercial Asset Classes

  • There are no Prepayment Penalties

  • Leverage is 65% LTV on Land and up to 85% LTV on Mezzanine

Please call us to find out more about these programs as well as any other debt or equity situation you might have.