See what our clients are saying about Nebo

I can’t speak highly enough of Dave and his level of expertise in real estate capital markets. Even as a colleague in the same profession, I am truly impressed with Dave’s analytical and interpersonal skills. He understands the needs of his clients and is willing to go to any length to satisfy their requests. From simple acquisitions to complex restructuring, Dave figures out a way to get things across the finish line. That isn’t an easy task in this economic climate, yet he still perseveres and succeeds, which is the mark of a top-notch professional.
— Dennis C.
We were very pleased with Nebo’s guidance in finding the most advantageous financing available. They truly understood our needs and created relationships with capital sources for us that we will continue to do business with as we build our portfolio. The financing that was obtained and the relationships that were created allowed us to speed up our growth model for our business, building our portfolio in half the time than we originally had planned.
— Anil P.
David thank you I appreciate all the successfull loans debt and equity deals you have provided for the RE industry over the years. Frank
— Frank J.
I have known David for five years and have found him to be an outstanding real estate finance professional. Specifically, he is able to view loans not only from the perspective of his client, the borrower, but also from the perspective of a private bridge lender. His nuanced understanding of our criteria makes every interaction with David very productive. I recommend him highly
— Jan. B
My experience with David and his colleagues at Nebo Capital has been outstanding. They do their homework as to specifics of their clients’ needs and the project fundamentals. They know the objectives and capacities of their capital sources. So there is no time wasted or miscommunication. Most importantly, they listen. Which means that they can react quickly and tailor solutions to meet the needs of their client and the capital source. When Nebo Capital brings me a deal, I know it’s worth my time to seriously consider it.
— Bruce E.
I have worked with David on numerous complex and challenging investment projects since we first met in 2005. David has always been reliable in delivering what he promised and knowledgeable regarding the asset and challenges relating to equity and debt financial structures as well as efficient in sourcing the best solution.
— Andrew R.
David is one of the most insightful people in real estate finance today. He gets it. Knows what works, and more important, how to deliver. I heartily endorse.
— Steven W.
David has a unique capability to quickly understand the essential requirements of even the most complicated financings – and then translate those requirements into a deal structure that he can successfully market to his extensive personal relationships in the capital markets. David has many times delivered financing for projects that my clients were unable to obtain through their own bank relationships.
— Howard W.
David has consistently provided us with real and credible leads for both equity and debt on many of our projects, and we’ve have closed on a couple deals with the financing sources that David has connected us with. We’ve been extremely impressed with his wide network of funding sources and his ability to match up our project with the specific targets of each funding group. We know that if we run into a project where we need financing, David will be able to deliver.
— David A.
David was instrumental in achieving an extremely difficult capital raising campaign for a “broken condo” development bought from a bank. He kept feeding us new contacts for fund raising until the job was complete. His knowledge of the capital markets and contacts for investors and lenders are unsurpassed.
— Robert C.