Nebo has obtained over $2 billion in equity and debt for numerous clients through their network of capital partners.

$51,000,000 - Texas

374 Unit Ground-Up Multifamily Development

NEBO Sourced 97% of the Total Capital Stack

JV Equity - $8MM

Mezzanine Debt - $9MM

Senior Construction Loan - $33MM

$33,000,000 - Dallas, TX

Construction Loan

Ground-Up Multifamily Project


Non-recourse, 10 Year IO Loan at Sub 4% Interest

Multi-Tenant Office/Retail Building

2 Year Open Repayment Window

$3,500,000 - Chicago, IL

Mezzanine Loan

140,000 SF Office Building Repositioned into Multifamily

Aggressive Debt Terms

$2,000,000 - Chicago, IL

Joint Venture Equity Investment

Value-Add Apartment Building

Gentrifying Sub-Market of Chicago

$2,800,000 - Hidden Hills, CA

Loan for Acquisition of Land

16,000 sqft+

Land for Spec Development of Ultra-High End Homes

$14,000,000 - Williston and Tioga, ND

Sand Creek MHP Tioga Site Location.jpg

High Leverage (85%) LTC High Leverage

Acquisition Bridge/Permanent Loan

For Two Mobile Home Parks

Comprising 282 Units

$18,000,000 - Beverly Hills, CA

Equity/Acquisition and Construction Loan

Non–Flag Hotel Acquisition and Renovation

Arranged with Institutional Investment Company & Private Investor

$57,000,000 - Austin, TX

Acquisition Loan - $34MM

Joint Venture Equity - $15MM

Sponsor Equity - $6MM

Acquisition of 440 Acres for mixed Use Development

Entire Capital Stack Structured by NEBO

$33,000,000 - San Diego, CA

Participating Debt/Equity

Adaptive Reuse Office to Residential Condo

Arranged with Institutional Debt

$27,000,000 - Simi Valley, CA

Permanent Loan

Commitment within 10 Days

Acquisition of Multi-tenant Retail Center with Special Purpose Anchor Tenant

Arranged with Community Bank

$13,900,000 - New Orleans, LA

Bridge Loan

Refinance for 400 Unit Multifamily Asset Emerging Out of Katrina Related Distress

High Leverage Senior Note

$36,600,000 - Tampa, FL

Acquisition Loan

842 Apartment Complex

Arranged with Institutional Investment Firm

$48,500,000 - Kansas City, MO

Construction Loan

Funded for Conversion of Class A Office Building to Condominiums

Arranged with National Thrift

$9,200,000 - Kansas City, MO

Loan Guarantee

Apartment to Condominium Conversion – Allowed 1st Time Developer to Secure Low Cost Financing

Arranged with Private Investor 

$4,750,000 - Scottsdale, AZ


Flex Office – First Time Use of Institutional Money for Investor Who Previously Only Used Syndicated Financing

Arranged with Institutional Fund

$3,100,000 - Portland, OR

Mezzanine Loan

One Week Close

Apartment Investment Partnership Buyout

Arranged with Private Investor

$1,600,000 - Tampa, FL

Debt / Equity


Arranged with a Group of Private Investors

$1,400,000 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Preferred Equity

One Week Close

Land Acquisition and Entitlement

Arranged with Private Investor

$500,000 - Las Vegas, NV


Retail Development

Arranged with Private Investor

$18,000,000 - San Francisco, CA

Construction and Mezzanine Loan

Conversion of Industrial Building to Creative Office

Arranged with Regional Bank

$1,000,000 - Colorado Springs, CO

Private Bridge 2nd TD Loan

One Week Close

Refinance of Garden Apartments

Direct Loan

$2,000,000 - Fresno, CA

Equity Investment

Acquisition and Renovation of Apartment Complex

Arranged with Investment Holding Company of High Net Worth Individuals

$500,000 - Pasadena, CA

Bridge Loan

One Week Close

Acquisition of To-Be Rehabbed Industrial to Condominium

Arranged with Private Individual

$7,000,000 - Santa Monica, CA

Refinance/Takeout of Construction Loan and Partnership Debt

High Value (per square foot) Mixed Use Building
Arranged with National Bank

$8,000,000 - Kona, HI


Acquisition of 148 Unit Condo Hotel for Conversion Back to Hotel

Arranged with Private Investor

$500,000 - Santa Ana, CA

2nd TD Bridge Loan

Funded for Renovation of Existing Apartment Building

Arranged with Private Lender

$17,200,000 - West Covina, CA

Permanent Loan

Office Complex

Arranged with Wall Street Conduit

$1,800,000 - Pasadena, CA

Land Loan

Completion of Tentative Map

Arranged with Direct Lender

$9,000,000 - Charleston, WV

Senior/Mezzanine Debt

Hotel Reposition

95% LTC Financing Through Blended Senior and Mezzanine

Arranged With Institutional Investor

$5,100,000 - Arcata, CA

Senior/Mezzanine Debt

Hotel Reposition

95% LTC Financing Through Blended Senior and Mezzanine

Arranged With Institutional Investor